Hi. My name is Freddie Tube and I have been involved with food and travel for many many years. As a military cook, I have been all over the world and sampled foods from everywhere. In my spare time I would, surprisingly, travel.

I’d get home from a deployment, unpack and repack, and head on out to far flung places I have always wanted to see, enjoying everything from architecture to food. It is fun to share those experiences and I hope readers are entertained by all the stories.

One of my passions is to see the techniques used in far flung countries related to how the homes and surroundings are constructed, and then bring the ideas home to try on my own home, where applicable. Same with cooking techniques. This makes life fun and exciting.

Originally I tried to develop a crawler that would search sites for these things, and bring ideas home to me to file, examine, and publish if I thought they were good ones, but this became vastly beyond my technical abilities, budget, and desire to learn, so I gave up on this in favor of manually populating the site with all the ideas I get from my travels.

I’d like to thank the sponsors I have gotten to sign up to the site. It is far from a sustaining income but provides a few bucks to keep things going.