My travels have taken me the world over. I pay close attention, not only to the construction of large buildings, churches, and gardens but also to home construction, always in search of new ideas for my own home.

When I see a good idea, I tend to bring the idea to one of my preferred contractors at home just to see if it would be practical to do such a thing at home.

For example, in Luxembourg in an area of new construction, I saw a really neat idea where a builder had put up two 3-inch thick (roughly) walls with sprayed in insulation between the two and steel rebar support. The inner wall was not the least bit cold as it would have been if it were just one solid concrete wall. The insulation was thicker than anything I had ever seen. Since I am from Richmond, Va., the insulation installer I use is guy named Daniel, so I called him to better understand if this would be an option in my area.